Hello there, I'm Kristy!

I'm a product designer who aims to bring meaning through visual and behavioral design. My history with illustration has taught me creativity, patience, and grit, all of which has led to my work ethic in design. 

I like to create products that are easy to use, but hard to put down— in particular, I'm passionate about creating designs that positively impact the wellness of others. 

I am at my strongest when designing a product through the lens of accessing emotion and empathy. I always aim to find the strongest solution and design something that will be impactful and memorable to others. 


As a child, I spent my time expanding my love for visual media: I watched a movie every day (I once could recite the whole Shrek script from memory, not sure if that’s a brag), I drew on every blank paper I had, I wrote comics about myself in middle school to ease nerves about my future.

My early admiration for visual media later ended up shaping my future into an education in illustration at School of Visual Arts, and now to a passion in product and user experience design. Outside of design, I'm also passionate about social equity, animal welfare, and trying to identify where I recognize that one actor from that one movie. 

When I'm not working, you can probably find me...


Doodling something


Rage quitting at a video game


Trying out a new food recipe


Goofing off with my dog, Yoko

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