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Smart Omix

product design | consumer | mobile

Clinical research studies need a renovation.

What would it mean to bridge the gap between the impact of research data and the importance of a compelling user experience? 



product design | brand design | mobile

For many, the most common “solution” to enduring period pain is to just deal with it. 

What if relieving period pain was as easy as opening a music or audiobook app? 



ux design | e-commerce | website

While Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed for centuries, it still has yet to find a space within a larger Western audience.

Kleva is a website designed to both promote and educate its users about the benefits of TCM.



product design | mobile 

A majority of people only stick to using fitness programs and fitness goals in the short term.

Relay is a mobile application that encourages users to commit to their fitness goals by employing a teamwork-oriented relay race system.

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